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The Ministry for Energy and Health in Malta would like to engage a number of nurses to work within the
Maltese Public health sector, in order to make good for the current temporary shortages in the health
care entities across the Maltese Islands.
Title: Nurse(s)
Employer: Ministry of Energy and Health, Malta
Contract type: Two year definite contract with the possibility of renewal
Working days: Shift basis
Working hours: 40 hours with the possibility of overtime /46.6 hours with the possibility of overtime
Location: Public hospitals/clinics, Malta

• Participate in co-coordinating the activities for a group of clients including the participation of
members of the multidisciplinary team;
• Maintain effective communication with senior and junior staff and with all members of the
multidisciplinary team;
• Effectively use the resources available to deliver high standard of nursing care;
• Participate in maintaining a clean, safe and comfortable environment which is conducive to the
restoration of health and well being;
• Assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care of one or more clients (according to need)
prioritising care and accurately completing documentation in accordance with local policy;
• Carry out medical instructions as ordered or make known any objections to doing so and for
what reason;
• Work in a collaborative and co-operative manner with other members of the multidisciplinary
• Maintain effective communications with clients and relatives ensuring that they are kept well
informed, offering advice and counseling where appropriate according to own level of
• Demonstrate proficiency in the techniques and methods of care relevant to the area of
• Maintain and improve personal and professional knowledge and competence as appropriate;
• Seek advice and help (when required) from senior nursing staff (medical/paramedical staff where
appropriate) to ensure clients receive a high standard of care including advice and counseling;
• Following consultation with relevant persons, initiate and/or participate in nursing research
projects and assist with the integration relevant research findings into clinical practice;
• Participate in the implementation of quality initiatives including standard setting, evaluation of
nursing practice and clinical audit;
• Ensure self and junior staff act in accordance with the code of professional conduct;
• Adhere to national and local policies with respect to health and safety;
• Be aware of the major incident policy as it affects the individual and the ward/department;
• Act as mentor to newly appointed staff and students as appropriate to own level of expertise
and help students to meet their learning objectives as appropriate;
• Participate in student assessments appropriate to own level of expertise and after consultation
with senior members of nursing staff and the institute of health care;
• Assist in the coordination of personnel and services involved in the delivery of care to a group
of clients according to level of competence/experience.
• Provide information to the Charge Nurse/Midwife and other members of staff to ensure the
efficient and effective use of personnel and resources.
• Participate in the implementation and evaluation of quality initiatives.
• Contribute towards maintaining a safe, therapeutic and learning environment.
• Teach and supervise junior staff and students according to own level of
• Participate in health promotion and health education activities.
Confidentiality: The post-holder is required to respect the confidentiality of matters relating to the

Job Requirements
• Diploma or Degree in Nursing
• Proficient in the English Language: Nurses need to show proficiency in the English Language
either by providing proof, by the interview date, that the primary nursing qualification was
undertaken in the English Language; or by providing, by the interview date, a valid certificate of
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) of average band score of 6 or above in the
listening, reading, writing and speaking domains (
Furthermore, before confirmation of their appointment, i.e. within one year of the engagement,
selected candidates will be expected to sit for, and be successful in the examination in Basic
Medical Maltese for the Healthcare Profession of the University of Malta. The course officially
leading to this examination is the Course in Basic Medical Maltese for the Healthcare Profession
run by the Department of Maltese of the University of Malta.
• EU Citizens that are willing to work in Malta
• Registered Nurse: In possession of a Certificate of Registration with the Nursing and Midwifery
Board as 1st Level Nurse (according to the EU Directive 36/2005) in the respective country within
the European Union (at least MVQ Level 5). Nurses will then be asked to register with the
Council of Nurses and Midwives in Malta. Further information below.
• Of good conduct: Nurses should provide a recent Police Conduct which is to be dated within 30
days of the date of the letter of acceptance.
Working Conditions
• Basic Salary – Engaged nurses will be placed in Scale 10 (starting approx. €17,631 annually with
annual increments) excluding allowances and bonus as per 2.2, and without any National
Insurance and Tax deductions.
• The following are the allowances and bonuses which the nurse will be entitled to. These are
• Sundays & 46 Hr Week: If working with a roster including Sundays and 46.66 hours
per week special allowance will be granted. These are generally paid on a basis of one
third of the basic salary pay (approx €5,600 p.a)
• CPD Allowance: Nurses are entitled for Continuous Professional Allowance (CPD) of
700 Euros a year; (non taxable)
• Nursing Premium: Nurses are also entitled for Nursing Premium of €2977 annually in
working the full roster in wards.
• Public Holidays: The hours worked on a Public Holiday will be paid Triple the basic
• Bonus: A total of €422 per annum as work income bonus
• The Gross Salary per annum is approximately €30,000 (if working on a full 46.66hr/week roster
in wards).
• Vacation Leave – 192 hours annually if on 40 hours a week or 224 hours annually if you work on
46.66 hour roster
• Sick Leave – 30 days full pay a year subject to presentation of a Medical certificate
• National Insurance Contribution – Nurses would need to pay 1/10 of the basic pay as National
Insurance Nurses that will entitle them to free health service as an EU national. The National
Insurance contribution will also contribute towards Sick leave benefits, old age pension etc
• Taxation would be done on a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) basis and will be deducted from your
salary. The rates are established by the government and may be revised annually. The Tax
calculator is available through the following link
• Shift pattern – The roster is generally based on Day, Day, Night, Rest, Off (DDNRO) or DNRO or
Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday according to the exigencies of the service.
• Overtime – There may be an opportunity to work overtime (although not guaranteed) and paid
at the rate of 1:1.5
• Deployment – Although experience in particular areas would be considered, deployment is
dependent on the exigencies and priorities to fill crucial vacancies.
• Meals – Nurses will be entitled to breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea when on Day duty if
deployed in Hospitals.
• Airfare: The Government may consider paying for one way Air Ticket from the respective
country to Malta and also a €1000 refundable pre payment, which would be paid back in five
equal instalments within the first 5 months of the contract.
Other useful information
Registration with the Council of Nurses and Midwives (Malta): This process is very easy and you just
need to submit the application form, your certificates and other documentation. The fee is 12 Euros and this process would start at the same time that you are offered the job. It is a speedy process and will not delay the start of your employment. For further information please visit the CNM website
Integration into Maltese life: EURES Malta will hold an information event for all new recruits if this is requested. The information session would give you an overview of Maltese life, tax system, social
security contributions, working conditions etc.

Living and working in Malta: You can find useful and up to date information about Malta on the EURES
Portal (

How to apply
To apply for this post please send a copy the following documents by email to
• CV
• Nursing qualification (University Diploma/Degree)
• ID/Passport
• Registration as 1st Level Nurse (their Nursing Council)
• Proof of English proficiency as specified above
• Good Conduct Certificate (not more than 4 weeks from application)

The interviews will be held either via Skype or in person

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